IoT & Robotics Apps By installtekz

1. Bluetooth Arduino LED Control

Bluetooth Arduino LED App Icon
Bluetooth Arduino LED App Feature Image
Control Arduino Uno Built-In LED Over Bluetooth

Latest Version: 1.3

This proof-of-concept app demonstrates to ability to turn on and off the built-in Arduino LED over Bluetooth.
You must have your Android device paired with the Arduino from within settings before this app will operate.

I also provide this app in a Kodular project file on my website for you to tinker with and modify it at will.

For more information please read the detailed guide on how to use this app here:
Bluetooth Arduino LED To Android With FREE Kodular App!


2. Arduino 4x4 Keypad

Arduino Keypad Android App Icon

Transmit Arduino keypad presses over Bluetooth

Latest Version: 1.1

A simple, yet effective wireless virtual keypad replacement to the standard hardware keypad usually used in Arduino project builds.

These membrane keypads can also be used with Raspberry Pi, PIC and AVR microcontrollers.

Includes the buttons: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,A,B,C,D,#,*

This app transmits the characters as strings over a Bluetooth connection.

Includes a demo sketch to get you up and running quickly plus hardware build guides for absolute beginners. These guides focus on the Arduino Uno with a HC-06 Bluetooth module although other setups should work fine.


3. Arduino LCD Playground

Arduino LCD Playground App Icon
Arduino LCD Playground App Feature Image
Control a 16x2 LCD module display on Arduino using Android over Bluetooth

Latest Version: 1.1

This app creates an interactive learning and prototyping environment to control an Arduino LCD using Bluetooth communication.

Send characters and commands to an LCD display and watch your changes in real-time. No more needing to flash an Arduino Sketch every time you would like to test a simple change!
Ideal for beginners who are learning about LCD programming, LCD program planning, or just some all-round good fun for anyone.

Currently only works with a compatible 16×2 LCD module but I hope to add 16×4 and 20×4 modules in the near future as well as the I2C adapter.

In order to use this app correctly, you will require the Arduino companion sketch available on the website at:

This app along with it’s companion sketch utilizes the Arduino ‘LiquidCrystal’ library.

*Send text strings
*Create your very own custom characters and save/delete them in the app
*Includes preset characters such as smiley, battery status, heart, arrows etc.
*Send commands include changing column/row cursor position, clear screen, show/hide block/underline cursor, switch display on/off
*Sketch code snippets
*Moving characters left/right across the display
*Auto scroll characters
*output direction left-to-right, and right-to-left

Available in 9 languages including:

Language Translation Notes:
*This app has been translated into multiple languages using a translation tool and for this reason I apologize for any translation inaccuracies. If you feel the urge to send me details highlighting a translation that you think should be changed then please feel free to send it to me via email at: [email protected]

*Although I have translated everything in the app its self, I have not tested this app thoroughly enough using various Android language keyboards with the LCD as there may be character issues.


4. Arduino Survival Kit (Beta)

Arduino Survival Kit Android App Icon
Arduino Survival Kit Android App Feature Graphic
The custom sketch automation multi-tool

Latest Version: 0.1Beta

Create a potentially life-saving IoT edge device in seconds.
Select one or more components that you would like to trigger such as:

GSM module
LCD/Serial Monitor


Then select how you would like to trigger these components, from:

Light (LDR) sensor
Bluetooth (use a passkey as a short-range wireless switch)

Possible use-cases for survival situations include:
*Switch on a fan when the ambient temperature becomes too hot (via relay)
*Switch on a heater when the ambient temperature becomes too cold (via relay)
*Switch on a light when it becomes too dark (via relay)
*Burglar/intruder alert: Switch triggers an SMS text message for a silent alarm or a mains powered alarm via relay. This could be a proximity switch on a door, pressure mat under the welcome mat, window shock sensor etc. (potential user locations include garage, greenhouse, shed, home, car)
*Switch-release trigger (place a heavy item on a push button switch and if this item is removed then it will trigger your circuit)
*Timing trigger such as a rudimentary alarm clock
*Activate your circuit over Bluetooth while in a sleeping bag, or when the device is on/in an adjacent building or up a height
*Trigger an SMS text message when an animal/game trap has activated in the wilderness
*LCD/Serial Monitor can be used to: monitor temperature levels, monitor your circuit in another room of a building if the relay has been remoted, keep check on trigger or timing intervals

Other Features:
*Includes circuit diagrams, helpful notes and components needed
*70+ possible basic projects
*User-friendly. can be used by both beginners and expert Arduino makers
*The “tools” section includes a millisecond conversion calculator (up to 10 years), LCD I2C address scanner sketch, light Lux guide by using your Android device, notes and storage details such as GSM contact phone number and LCD I2C address. (The sketches will then use these details when automating your sketches.)


Transferring The Sketch:
Once your custom sketch has been created, the sketch can be sent over Bluetooth to a laptop for example by using your Android device ‘share’ option.
Or copy/paste the sketch into another Android IDE app right on your device!

Things to do:
I plan to create a more detailed “manual” very soon on the website at (And show my Arduino Uno custom shield that I have built for this project)
Add more components and options
test, test, test
possibly replace wiring diagram images with more detailed ones if required

As this is a new release (and a HUGE project with many technical limitations), I have many ideas yet to build into this app and look forward to hearing your feedback so far! Thanks