Get Your LPIC-1 Practice Exam Workbooks!

LPIC1 Linux Certification

If you’ve been following along with my Linux Professional Institute 1 (LPIC-1) certification material then the next logical step to becoming a certified Linux Admin includes testing your knowledge with workbooks.

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The following two workbooks can be found on the website. Please check the links for current prices:

When it comes to mastering the skills needed to pass the Linux Professional Institute 1 Certification you’re going to need practice!

And in order to become LPIC-1 certified you will be required to pass both the 101 and 102 exams.


The following two workbooks cover these two exams in detail with a HUGE 250 questions and answers in each book!


Published by Marco Colombo (LPIC-1 Certified and an LPI publishing partner) he hosts this invaluable exam prep material to purchase on Amazon and can also be found on Twitter.

LPIC-1 101-500

LPIC-1 102-500


LPIC-1 101-500 Practice Exams

The book is a collection of 250 questions and answers, divided into four simulations of practice exams and an assessment test, which will help the reader in preparing the LPI 101 exam (Exam Code 101-500).

Taking this exam is the first step to obtaining the LPIC-1 certification, the first certification in the multi-level Linux professional certification program developed by the Linux Professional Institute.

Through this book the reader will have the opportunity to focus on the main topics, improve his Linux skills and test his knowledge before taking the real exam.

LPIC-1 102-500 Practice Exams

After the success of LPIC-1 101-500 Practice Exams, the new simulation book for exam 102-500 is finally ready to help you pass the last part of the LPIC-1 certification.

The book is marked as an LPI Publishing Partner resource and consists of 250 questions and answers divided into four practice exams and an assessment test.

Each practice exam simulates a real LPI 102 exam and its questions, as well as those of the assessment test, have been designed as useful exercises to focus on the main topics, improve Linux skills and abilities, and test your knowledge before taking the real exam.

In addition, a detailed explanation of each question allows you to see not only the correct answer, but also the general context to which the question refers.