Linux Basics: Free LPIC-1 Training & Certification Material

These posts will cover the ‘LPIC-1’ (Linux Professional Institute 1) Linux Administrator’ and the ‘CompTIA Linux+’ Certification Training material but I will focus mainly on the LPIC-1 here.

The LPIC-1 exam is covered in TWO parts (101 & 102) but here I won’t be placing those parts separately because, well, we need to know it all anyway to gain the certification. Knowing & understanding the basics is more important than passing any exam and so this is priority for me here.

The certification topics are each graded in a weight of 1 to 5. These numbers indicate how important they are for the exam, however, I don’t include these numbers on these posts, simply because they’re ALL important to know!

I will also create a training ‘road map’ aimed at the complete beginner rather than covering the topics in the order that is presented on the official LPIC-1 exam outline. This is because some topics require you to know other topics first. I want to introduce to you, the reader, the topics that you will need to know first in order to understand later subjects!

I’ll be demonstrating examples and commands by using the Linux Mint distribution for the Debian based material (and by default), and for any RedHat based material for the commands, examples etc. I will be using the CentOS distribution.