IoT Learning Roadmap With Robotics & Automation

This IoT learning roadmap is laid out for the beginner who is looking to start a hobby or career in the exciting field of Internet of Things, Robotics & Automation.


This page is constantly in ‘a work in progress’ state and I’ll keep it updated on a regular basis.

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The following roadmap doesn’t include every blog post on and so feel free to browse all posts on the website in any order you please.

However, this roadmap DOES include all of my IoT posts!

Where To Begin Learning IoT: Diagram

The following image shows a high-level overview of many technologies associated with IoT and how these technologies interact with each other.

Please note that this image may not cover every possibility but is here to act a guide:

IoT Learning Topic Examples

The following image shows many sub-topics that you will need to gain familiarity with in order to become efficient in IoT: 

How To Get A Job In IoT

The best way to gain entry into any Information Technology field and to prove your knowledge is by passing exam certifications.

One of the greatest things about many of these certifications is the fact that we can study the material at home and in our own time.

All we need is the exam outline/blueprint to show us the path!


CertNexus is a leading certification provider in the ‘Internet of Things’ space and offer the Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP) ITP-110 exam as well as many others.

This website will focus on the CIoTP certification to provide you with as much practical and theoretical knowledge as possible to help you prepare for the exam.


CertNexus offer their exams through Pearson Vue. You will be required to travel to your nearest Pearson Vue test center which are located all over the world.

Pearson Vue offer many other IT certification exam subjects which could be considered sub-topics of IoT such as Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).


Don’t forget, if you’re planning to have a career in IoT then you’re going to need networking skills too!

Once you gain your IoT certification you will find opportunities open up all around you as your skills will be in high demand.

FREE Download: CIoTP Checklist!

The ‘Certified Internet of Things Practitioner’ Certification provided by CertNexus is an excellent blueprint to begin learning IoT.

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CIoTP checklist


1. Overview: Getting Started

This section provides general information about “Internet of Things”.

It’s designed to help you understand some broad topics before diving into anything specific and is a great place to start if you’re a beginner.


Some of these subjects focus on home automation. “Why is this?” you may ask yourself.

Well home Automation is a sub-category of IoT and is an excellent place for beginner’s to start learning practical skills.

By creating your own devices and designing/building a personalized home automation system you have full control of your very own IoT ecosystem.

2. Beginning Electronics

All of our technology stems from electronics and so understanding the basics here will give you the foundation you need to build upon with IoT & robotic projects.

3. Microcontrollers

Once we have some basic knowledge of electronics it’s now time to incorporate some microcontrollers into our projects.

These little devices will take our electronics to the next level and help us to automate some cool IoT & robotic projects.

4. Networking

It isn’t going to be an “internet” of things device without the internet!

This section covers networking that will not only allow our IoT & robotic projects to be controlled over the internet but through local networks such as home Wifi too. 

5. Web & App

Sometimes we want our IoT projects to be fully automated without any human interaction at all.

Other times we want full control. That’s where web and app developing knowledge and skills will come into the equation.

Not only will this frontend software help us control devices but will allow us to view statistics and other helpful data.

6. Linux

It is said that if an electronics device can support an operating system then it can support linux!

With a fully-fledged linux operating system embedded into our “Internet of Things” & robotics projects we have so much more functionality at our disposal.

This section will help you know and understand the fundamentals of using the linux operating system for everyday tasks.

Linux: Getting Started & Certified

I have created a post on How To Learn Linux which will guide you through a quick and simple way to get linux up and running for a beginner.

In section 5 (near the bottom) of the post I have created a table which is essentially a learning roadmap for you to follow along with.

This roadmap covers the Linux Professional Institute certification (LPIC-1) in which I will continue creating these course topics here.

7. Project Ideas

The purpose of learning IoT & robotics is to ultimately build our very own devices and systems.

These project ideas can give you some inspiration for your next project or help you understand what is possible to achieve through automation and open source platforms.

8. Projects For Beginner's