9 Computer Geek Gift Ideas Under $20 For Boyfriends

Computer Geek Gift Ideas Under $20

We all know that finding the right gift for someone can be a challenge.

But what do you buy a computer geek? 

Well it’s safe to say that I’m one of those geeks and so here I give you my opinion on computer geek gift ideas under $20 for boyfriends.


Because there’s so many areas of interest with computers such as developing, networking and system administration not every computer geek will appreciate the same gift.


And so here I will give an explanation to some items as to what type of gift would be suitable depending on what type of geek he is.

9. Books As A Computer Geek Gift

IoT Robotics books

What kind of computer geek gift ideas list wouldn’t include books?!

Many of the great books will cost more than $20 however there’s also many books on offer within this price range too.

No matter what area of IT you geeky boyfriend is in to, we all love some good hacking knowledge. We just find it fascinating!

So, my first recommendation for books is anything written by Kevin Mitnick.

He was once the FBI’s most wanted computer hacker and his books include: The Art of InvisibilityGhost In The WiresThe Art of Intrusion and The Art of Deception.

8. USB Memory Storage Gift Idea

Computer geeks will always need memory. For some reason or another we just don’t seem to have enough.

This may seem like a boring gift.. and to be honest it isn’t very exciting to anyone who isn’t a computer geek.

However we can always find a use for another USB flash drive.

This gift could potentially become an every-day item for your boyfriend and guess who he will be thinking about every time he uses it?


My recommendation for a USB drive would be something from either Sandisk or Kingston.

You can get 128GB of memory for under $20.

If you really want to impress him then why not suggest that he installs Ventoy onto it and create a bootable ISO drive.

7. Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Under $20

Whether your computer geek boyfriend already has a Bitcoin hardware wallet or not he will still appreciate this as a gift.

As the more wallets we have then the less “eggs in 1 basket” so to speak.

A Bitcoin hardware wallet acts like like a regular wallet as it holds money. Only in this case it’s holding crypto currency.

Even if your geeky boyfriend doesn’t know anything about crypto currency then he will soon become interested and start learning about it and using it.

I have no particular model that I would recommend here as prices seem to change but here is a link to KeepKey on Amazon as an example.

6. USB Power Bank For Computer Geeks

A USB power bank is one of those items that should sit in anyone’s bag.. not just a computer geek.

And if your boyfriend doesn’t have one of these then maybe it’s time to change that!

These power banks can be used to charge up a mobile phone or tablet as well as many other battery powered gadgets.

For under $20 it’s possible to buy a 10000mAh (miliAmp-hour) power bank which is good value for money.

Here is a link to a slimline power bank by Omars on Amazon which should do the trick.

5. RFID Kit Gift Idea

If your geeky boyfriend already has electronic components scattered all around the house then I wouldn’t recommend this next gift idea as he may already have this.

However, This RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) kit would make an excellent computer geek gift idea otherwise.

Learning new technologies is what we do and he will be like a kid on Christmas morning playing around with this.

With programming, electronics and radio involved it will keep him occupied for days, weeks or maybe longer.

Be sure to get the kit included with breadboard and Arduino board or these may needed to be purchased separately.

4. Smart Light Bulb Gift Idea

If you’re looking for something that you both can enjoy together then how about this app-controlled smart light bulb on Amazon?

Not only can this light bulb be controlled with a mobile app but it supports Amazon Alexa/Echo and Google Home for voice commands too!

With over 16 million colors, a long lifespan and a high energy efficiency rating it’s hard to find a reason not to own one or more of these.

3. Drone Under $20

If your geeky boyfriend already owns a drone then I wouldn’t advise that you buy him this as he probably has something better.

However if he doesn’t own a cool flying rig then there’s no doubt that he will love you for this.

You may spark his interest further and eventually buy a good quality drone and take it up as a new hobby.

And who will he have to thank it all for..?

2. Rechargeable Batteries Gift Idea

Computer geek gift ideas don’t come much less exciting than some rechargeable batteries!

But if you’re boyfriend uses devices that require regular battery swapping then there’s nothing more practical than this.

The next time you see him on a computer and notice that he’s using a wireless keyboard or mouse for example then you know he will appreciate this as a gift.

How can he keep doing his geeky thing when batteries go flat?

And again, he will be thinking of you every day when he’s switching these around on a regular basis and secretly thanking you every time.

1. Aircraft Receiver Electronics Kit

I once bought my girlfriend and I a small radio construction kit like this many years ago for us to build together.

And it was all her idea!

Only recently she reminded me about this project and so I knew that this made a long-lasing impression with her.

So if you’re looking for a computer geek gift idea that you could both join in on then how about this aircraft receiver electronics building kit!

Once this project is up and running it will provide endless entertainment listening to transmissions.

For under $20 this gift idea shouldn’t disappoint him.


In this post I covered some computer geek gift ideas under $20 for boyfriends.

Here I have given you my personal experience on what I would appreciate and many provide practical uses too, which is always bonus!

If this post has helped you out then how about hitting that rate button below to show others how helpful it’s been?

Good luck with your purchase and I’m sure he will love it what ever you get him.

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