How Do I Create A Disposable Email Address? (Simple Guide)

Mailinator used to create a disposable email

Have you ever asked yourself the question “how do i create a disposable email address?”

I thought I’d share with you this essential online tool that everyone should have at their internet disposal. The disposable email address & phone number.


There’s been quite a few times in the past where I’ve needed to hand over my email address on a website in return for something.

The only problem is, I don’t want to give out my address to a particular platform for them to only spam the life out of me forever after.


I’m sure this has happened to you too at some point and you can understand how something like this can be very useful. 


There’s nothing worse than getting spam email from a site that we’ve just subscribed to, and it becomes one of those constant thoughts of “Why did I give them my email?”


This is where Mailinator comes to the rescue.

Using The Disposable Email Feature

So, how do i create a disposable email address..? You simply type in any random string of characters into the box on the home page and click the button to create it!

..That’s it.

It will generate your email address on the fly without you having to enter any personal details.


When the site takes you to your inbox it will display your email address in the corner.

Now all you have to do is hand over this email address to someone instead of your own personal address.


The great thing about this is that you can simply forget about the address once your done. 

Please be very aware though, that anyone could simply look into your email’s inbox and view your mail so never use Mailinator for any personal messages!

What Are The Drawbacks Of Creating A Disposable Email?

The main problem I’ve had with using Mailinator is that some websites don’t allow this email address to be used.

They’re smart. They must have a black list with disposable email domains on and thus stops Mailinator from being used.


There’s only been a handful of times that this has happened over the years that I’ve been using Mailinator.


Usually when a platform doesn’t accept a Mailinator email address it won’t let you know why, it just won’t allow you to use it.

In this case then, you’re left guessing as to what the problem seems to be as they don’t explicitly tell you why your address is invalid.

Can I Have A Disposable Phone Number?

As with emails, we sometimes need to give out our phone number to someone we would prefer not to.

An automated system that would like to send you an SMS text message for example.

Just give out Mailinators public phone number then keep an eye on the inbox on the website. It can be fun reading other people’s SMS text messages too.


As with the emails, be careful you don’t use this system for with personal information or you could be opening yourself up to a world of trouble.

It’s also possible to delete these messages so if you do see something that you would prefer not to be in the public eye then that’s an option here too. 


What Else Does Mailinator Offer?

Mailinator does offer some premium features if your interested but it does come at a price so I wouldn’t think that most of use would need to use this upgraded account.


The premium features include a private domain so this would help keep others away from reading your emails but also becomes useful for sharing information among friends and colleagues.


Hopefully now I have answered the question: “how do i create a disposable email address?” and given enough information to try it out on your own.

Mailinator is certainly a platform I would recommend putting a little time into and try it out for yourself and it really isn’t difficult to master.


Who knows when it will be needed. But I guarantee, it will be needed at some point in the future.

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